Notice and Takedown Policy

In publishing and making available materials (including but not limited to texts, pictures, audio and videos) online, the Hong Kong Law for Startups Blog (the “Blog”) acts in good faith. We endeavor to ensure that the content in the Blog does not infringe any person’s rights or applicable laws. However, we recognise that from time to time material published on the Blog may constitute breach of copyright laws, invasion of privacy, plagiarism or include content that may be regarded as obscene, defamatory or inappropriate in any other manner by the law. If you are concerned that you have found any material on the Blog, for which you have not given permission, which should not appear on the Blog for any of the aforesaid reasons, and is not covered by a limitation, exemption or exception, please contact us by email at including the following:

  1. Your contact details;
  2. The full details of the material(s) your case is concerned with;
  3. The exact and full URL (i.e. Internet address) where you found the material(s);
  4. If the request relates to copyright, formal proof that you are the rights holder together with a declaration stating that you are the rights holder or are an authorised representative; and
  5. The reason(s) for your request including but not limited to violation of copyright laws, invasion of privacy, data protection, defamation, and so on.

We will review your request accordingly, and, if the complaint is grounded, take down the relevant material(s) from the Blog as soon as reasonably practicable.

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